All 12 of Us

 This is the latest picture of our family! This was at Petra’s baptism in September 2015. I have no idea how we all had clean clothes and looked presentable so early on, but it was a wonderful day. 🙂
Jaime (40) is holding Petra (1 month). Mike (42) is holding Brooks (almost 2). Joel (almost 7) is on the far left next to Britta (9) with her hands on Heath (3). Drake (12 1/2) is in the orange polo behind Maren (5 1/2). Erica (16 & Petra’s godmother) stands beside Blaise (11) and Kelsey (14). We are so very, very blessed!
Here we all are, squashing and covering up Our Lady of Perpetual Help at the Our Lady of La Leche Shrine in St. Augustine, FL, summer of 2014. Mike (42) with Blaise (almost 10), Britta (8), Joel (almost 6), and Maren (4 1/2) in front of him. Jaime (39) holding Brooks (11 months), with Drake (11 1/2), Heath in the stroller (2), Kelsey (13), and Erica (15).
Time for an update!  Here is a picture of all 11 of us plus my grandma!  This was taken on Memorial Day 2014.
From left to right, I (Jaime) am kneeling holding Heath (2).  Erica (15) is behind me holding Brooks (8 months).  Next is my grandma, Mike, Kelsey (13), Joel with his hand on his head (5 1/2), Britta (8) on her knees, Maren (3 1/2), Blaise (9 1/2), and Drake (11 1/2).
Here we are, all 11 of us!  We snapped a quick picture of us all after Brooks’ baptism in October 2013.  I have no idea how we managed to find clean, unwrinkled clothes that fit everyone, but we did it!
I (Jaime) am holding Heath (18 months) and standing next to Mike.  From left to right is Blaise (9), Joel (almost 5), Britta (7 1/2) holding the baptismal certificate, Kelsey (12 1/2) holding Brooks (6 weeks), Drake (10 1/2), and Erica (14 1/2) holding Maren (3 1/2).

5 thoughts on “All 12 of Us

  1. Wow, I’ve Read A Good Bit of Your blog. A Wonderful Testimony Of God’s Grace And WisdoM,; Your Tenacity And Grit As A Mom!! My 11 Year Old son Is Finally Recovering well After A 3.5 Year Battle With PANS Triggered By Lyme, Strep And Extensive Mold Exposure. Looking Back, Symptoms Began Appearing Here And there A Couple Years Before The Onslaught. The Mold Exposure we HaD from 2008 To 2010 Has Just Recently Been Uncovered. AmyYasko’s Info Has Been Helpful, Although More Implementation Further Down The Road Will Come Into play. Lyme And Strep Were Already Addressed, Now Focusing On The MolD protocol. It Was The Bottom Layer, Plus He Had A HAir MIneral Analysis Test A Few Months Ago That Revealed High Copper And Other Issues, No.mercury Though. He Is Being Gently Chelatedbwith ZinC For That, Also Taking A Good ProbiOtic And A Few Other Supplements, GFree, Dfree, Dye Free, Etc. There Are Other Gut Issues ThaT His Doc Will Address In A Few Months Too. In Reading Blaise’s Story,You Mentioned That He Was Given A Dose Of TylenoL Right Before 5 Shots. This Might Be Something That You Might Want To PasS Along To Your Readers. But I Recently Came Across An article On Latitudes.Org About A Researcher That Had An Article About Tylenol Being An Insult To The Body As It temporaily Depletes A Detoxifying Agent In The Liver ThAt Aids In Removing Toxins Like Mercury From The Blood After Shots. Those That Have Mutations With MTHF Get A Double Whammy With The.Tylenol. I Never Gave My Son Tylenol, Only Some Ibuprofen For Teething Sometimes. He Has A Double Mutation On The MTHFR 1298 That HaS Played A Role In The Other Issues. He DevelopedJust Fine, But With All The insults To His
    bodY A Nightmare Began At Age 7.5. He Is Doing So Wonderfully Well and And We Are So Thankful ToGod !!! Our Son Had His Life BacK! Blessings To You And Your Family! Thank You For Sharing Your Journey With Others.


    • I am so glad you found my blog! Yes, the tylenol lowers glutathione. 😦 I am ++ for the MTHFR A1298C. Our stories sound similar. Thank goodness you have searched for answers! Thank you for posting a comment!


  2. Love your blog. Would really like to talk to you. My doctor told me to search the internet and I found you I have been praying about my kids autism and I think you might be able to help me. Did you have your baby? Thanks anne


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