#SmallSuccess Thursday: My Brain is Scrambled Eggs

A friend sent me this a couple of weeks ago:


So funny! What is my brain like then?


I have so much to be thankful for this week!

1. In keeping with the scrambled eggs theme, I can’t get enough of them! Thank goodness all the eggs fit in just fine with Lent. I might starve without them.

2. I took a few pics of the kids getting ready for school. Speaking of eggs, my Drake cracks me up. He eats 3 fried eggs every morning, and he saves the yolks (his favorite) for last. What a goofball!


I can’t leave out the rest of the kiddos! Kelsey (eating an egg sandwich) is truly thrilled I took her picture so early in the morning….

Erica wouldn’t even let me take her picture….Buh Bye!



I’m about to eat an early lunch (scrambled eggs—big shocker!) and feed the little ones. We go through 8-9 dozen eggs a week around here, in case you wondered!

Count your blessings and read about other mom’s small successes over at CatholicMom! God bless.

6 thoughts on “#SmallSuccess Thursday: My Brain is Scrambled Eggs

    • Oh my goodness, I wish we could have chickens! Unfortunately, we would have to move out of town to have them. We go back and forth on trying to see if we can afford a larger house, but in the end the process of moving sounds too overwhelming for me. 🙂

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