Hello, my name is Jaime, and I’m a share-a-holic.

I have this problem, and I think I will blame the Holy Spirit for it. I have so much information, so many ideas, so many healing thoughts swimming around in my brain, heart, and soul to share. Sometimes my mouth starts talking before I think.

You see, others went out on that limb and shared their experiences with me. These people were sent by God Himself to help me heal my sons from regressive autism. I owe our “normal” lives to them, forever indebted to their courage, wisdom, and advice.

How can I not share this information with others? How wrong would it be to keep it to myself?

I will share this:  It doesn’t really matter if you think your child’s autism or severe ADHD (or any other of the learning disabilities that have skyrocketed) was triggered by vaccines or Teflon or the off chance that a bird pooped on your head the day you gave birth.

Regular medicine, while excellent at fixing emergencies, really has a long way to go in knowing how to prevent chronic illness and heal the autoimmune process.

Alternative, holistic doctors are light years ahead.

So, when I meet a random set of parents really concerned that their 4-year-old cannot speak, needs occupational therapy for sensory processing disorder, yet is extremely intelligent receptively, I can’t help but share what I know.

Good grief, I know I sound like a lunatic.

It takes everything I have to hold myself back and only share a small tidbit of information. I try not to sound to too passionate or overbearing. Gluteomorphins and caseomorphins and proteins in wheat and milk can block dopamine receptors in some children. My kids immediately started talking after we pulled those foods from their diets 100%.

This diet change sounds hard, but isn’t life hard for your child anyway?

Our doctors recommended this diet change.

It’s not a magic bullet making all your child’s problems disappear, but it’s a huge start.

It’s worth a try. Give it six months, 100%.

You aren’t crazy for wanting to try, and you will not hurt your child by a diet of meat, fruits, vegetables, and other grains besides wheat.

Dear Lord, I want to throw gut health out there. Probiotics. Gut dysbiosis and the gut-brain connection. How genetic SNP’s that deal with folate and B12 processing are a big part of this. Methyltetrahydrofolate and intrinsic factor. MethylB12. Krebs’ cycles that get stuck, leading to mitochondrial weaknesses. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of each cell! Weak mitochondria = low muscle tone.

Your eyes would glaze over if I mentioned artificial sweeteners and excitotoxins and glutamate/GABA balance in the brain.

Nope, that would be sharing way too much.

So, I smile. I listen. I share just a little bit, and I pray you will figure it out. I offer you my contact info in case you ever want to talk to this crazy lunatic who shared too much.

I wonder when God will share with me how I’m supposed to take care of 10 babies and somehow help others like I know He is calling me to do. I can’t exactly go to school to be an occupational therapist or functional medicine doctor right now. I’m listening, Lord. I might be slow to actually follow what You tell me, but I will follow.

I joined in with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. Bloggers unite to spill their guts for five minutes. Today’s prompt word is share!

God bless you for listening to me share my passion, heart, and soul with you today!

8 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Jaime, and I’m a share-a-holic.

  1. This makes me feel very proud to be doing what I do as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. I hope to help many families throughout my career. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Jaime,
    I feel the same way now that I have learned so much about connection between health and nutrition through my Juice Plus business. I want to share so much with everyone and I get excited and start throwing out facts and research studies and their eyes glaze over. I’m sure they think I’m crazy. I’m glad you found a doctor in your area to help you. I wish I could find a similar one. Hang in there. God will send your people your way, but it is up to them to open their ears to listening to it.


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