Will You March With Me?


Today my daughter packed for her second trip to Washington, D.C., to participate in the 2015 March for Life. I pretended to help, even though she had it all under control. Banana chips? Rolos? Gluten free donuts? Check!

She, like her older sister, is blessed to be making her second trip to D.C. God willing, the rest of her younger brothers and sisters will follow suit in the years to come.

My heart is so proud of her. The trip will not be easy. A 14-16 hour bus ride is uncomfortable, to say the least. She will have a chance to tour the monuments and Holocaust museum, but the focus of her trip is the march itself.

I have been asked if she, at the young age of 13, has any idea what she is really marching for. With everything in me, YES she understands!

She is a young lady who has been taught at home and at school that life is a precious gift. Life that begins from the moment of conception and ends at a natural death.

She has seen ultrasounds of her younger brothers and sisters when they were growing inside me. Beautiful, complete babies that were too tiny to live outside my body quite yet.

She marches not with hatred and blame but with compassion and love. Many times abortion happens not because women need a choice, but because they feel hopeless and have no choice.

Will she grow to understand the complexity of abortion as she gets older? Absolutely. So many, by the grace of God or just plain dumb luck, never had to face an unexpected pregnancy. Even more of us may have unknowingly aborted babies while on the Pill or using an IUD. I look forward to many heart-to-heart discussions to come.

I am unable to march in person, so I will be there in spirit. I am praying a novena for life with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The sweet baby growing inside me reminds me to keep praying. Every cell of my body, every breath I breathe is a prayer for my daughter’s safety in D.C.

Will you join my daughter, with thousands upon thousands of others, and march for life?

March for Life 2014

9 thoughts on “Will You March With Me?

  1. You are a great mom. More moms need to be prepared to discuss unintended abortions because of the pill or an IUD with their daughters. They need to be presented with that mindset even if its not the view their moms take (preferably it is). Its awful for girls whose moms encouraged them to be on the pill to later on in life discover that they should have morally objected long ago.

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    • Thank you. I had no idea about the pill. Wish I could take those 8 years back, along with some poor decisions made. I am not naive. I realize my kids will be young, think they know everything, and make choices I may not agree with. I plan on storming Heaven with prayer and telling them the absolute truth about abortion and all the forms of birth control out there. I hope the Holy Spirit guides them to make smart choices, especially where life is concerned. Thank you so much for reading!

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  2. I was not able to make it in person either, however I am praying all the time. I did have an unexpected pregnancy as a teenager and contemplated abortion. I look in my son’s big brown eyes and thank God everyday that He prevented me. Now, I am passionately pro-life. All the women and girls suffering with the aftermath of abortion and all of those contemplating it need all the prayers they can get.

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    • Your story gives me chills, Janie. I’m not sure that I would not have been encouraged to have an abortion if I had been in your shoes at a young age. I hope my boyfriend (now husband!) would’ve talked sense into me, but it would’ve been hard to go against family. I am so thankful you have your precious son, a miracle from God! Thank you for your prayers!

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