Memory Lane: Great-Grandma’s Tatted Snowflakes

Today I am taking down Christmas decorations. Well, I thought I was until I got distracted admiring the dozens of hand-made tatted snowflakes on my tree!

I am not a “thing” person anymore, but I do have a few really special things given to me by loved ones. Some of my most treasured possessions are the delicate lace snowflakes Grandma Fisher tatted for me.

Tatting is an intricate way of knotting string, using a tool called a tatting shuttle,to make lace. My great-grandmother patiently taught me to tat as a little girl. She wrote out detailed instructions for her snowflakes, describing how many knots and “picots” (the little loops) to make.

Grandma tatted snowflakes, doilies, lace collars, and the cake topper and flower girl basket for my wedding. She even aspired to make an entire tablecloth! She grinned when she admitted her tablecloth project turned into a large rectangle doily instead.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tatted since Mike and I first got married 19 years ago. I tatted a handful of snowflakes for our Christmas tree, but now I can only remember how to get started. YouTube, along with Grandma’s handwritten instructions, will have to jog my memory.


As I put her snowflakes away for the year, memories rush back of Grandma. She was a tiny lady, always polite and proper, with a mix of kind honesty and a devilish little grin when she had been outspoken. I fondly remember our visits, especially playing her organ, learning to tat, and watching The Lawrence Welk Show with her in the nursing home.

Every year I stop and ask Grandma to pray for us, thankful for the Communion of Saints that deeply connects us. I can see her smile watching my family enjoy her snowflakes. Perhaps she is helping Mother Mary, Undoer of Knots turn our gnarls and tangles into beautiful lace? πŸ™‚


**I am including this on my 40 by 40 bucket list. Apparently I think I will never turn 40 because I have stopped trying to complete it! Only 3 months left to go! πŸ™‚ I’d better get to work—on my bucket list AND putting away Christmas decorations!

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