My Advent Waiting

Is it just me, or has Advent flown by?

With each passing year, I come to enjoy waiting more and more. I love waiting for Jesus to be born. I love preparing for Santa to come. Everything about the Christmas season—religious and secular—fills my heart with joy.

Since all my profound (ha!) blog posts about Advent never happened, I would like to share my personal waiting this Advent.

1. I waited for Nutcracker to be over.

Except I’m sad it’s over. The busyness of Nutcracker rehearsals for my family was challenging, but brought us new friends and memories to cherish. My daughter Kelsey danced the roles of Snowflake and Marzipan, while Mike, Joel, Blaise, and I danced in the Party Scene. We are forever indebted to Grandmas and my brother for helping watch the rest of the kids while we danced.

2. I waited for St. Nick to share some special news.

St. Nick left an extra pair of socks out to surprise us all!

We had several reasons for waiting to tell the world that #10 is on its way. First, I wanted a cute way to announce, so I left that part up to St. Nicholas. Mainly, I was oh-so-nauseous and wanted to be good and ready if anyone reacted negatively. It’s really hard to be kind to others when you feel like throwing up on them. Although, a little puke might be what’s called for if someone isn’t happy about a precious baby! šŸ˜‰

I did feel guilty because my friends and family didn’t know. I kind of felt like I was lying to them. However, Mike and I really enjoyed keeping our secret to ourselves for awhile. The wait for the big announcement was fun!

3. I waited to see my midwife.

God-willing, this will be my 4th home birth with a midwife. I finally had time (since Nutcracker was over) to have my first appointment. Baby’s heartbeat was strong on the doppler—in the 140’s and sounded just like a galloping horse! That sound never gets old. It is always a miracle to hear that little heartbeat thumping away inside me.

My blood work showed I am iron deficient. Not too shocking since I’ve been pregnant and nursing so long. Bring on the iron pills. Yuck.

3. Now I wait for my baby, just like Mary waited for hers.

I love being pregnant during Advent! I feel closest to God when I am pregnant, so it is easier to imagine the joys and challenges Mother Mary faced during her pregnancy. I wonder if she had morning sickness and round ligament pain! No doubt her arms ached to hold the squirming baby—God Himself—that grew in her womb, making her uncomfortable. What on earth was it like to give birth to God? To mother and nurse and care for a helpless baby who was to save us all?

So, I am trying to be patient like Mary. Waiting for the unknown, the wonderful, the unimaginable blessings God will pour on our family. I can’t wait to hold the baby for the first time. Is the baby a girl or boy? What will the baby look like? What will we name him/her? Never fear, I just received my Christmas gift to myself—


Surely we can come up with one name we can agree on and love!

Today I have joined in with for Small Success Thursdays and Catholic Blogger’s Network for their Advent Linkup. Who better to share my waiting with? Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your wait for Jesus.



6 thoughts on “My Advent Waiting

  1. CONGRATS!!! what a GREAT WAY To make your very special announcement… wow, what a blessing!!! The snow on your blog was making me super jealous.. loved the image at the top too — great great blog!! Pinned this to my Catholic Blog board as well !!


  2. Congratulations!! There is no greater gift than a new baby. We announced our pregnancy with my first son on Christmas even though I was only a few weeks pregnant (like maybe 3.5) We had been waiting for him for over three years and it was just too magical not to do it at Christmas. Such fond memories!


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