Small Success Thursday: Pass the Puke Bowl

I’m on a roll with my Small Success Thursday posts! This one is a quick one, though.

Erica’s play last weekend was amazing. She played Madeline in a play adapted from the children’s book “A Hundred Dresses” by Eleanor Estes. Erica really let her personality shine through as she played Madeline, who learned the hard way how terrible it feels to stand by and do nothing when friends are bullying a classmate. I was so proud of the young ladies and gentlemen who poured their hearts and souls into the play! As promised, here are some pics—


It’s crunch time for Nutcracker! Tons of rehearsals. Right in time for the busyness, two of the kids woke up puking last night. So disgusting. I pray it’s a quick one, and that if we are all gonna get it, we’ll get it soon! My biggest success is getting all the bed sheets washed. Just have to put ’em back on the beds!

I did get a little crafty and glued tissue paper squares on baby food jars to make Advent candles. They are way up high on a kitchen window shelf, away from little hands. I popped in some battery-powered tea lights so the kids don’t burn the house down. I am definitely in the Advent spirit now!

Have a great week, and praying you all stay healthy! God bless!

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