Small Success Thursday: Chasing After the Kids

Wow, it’s been tooooooooo long since I linked up at for Small Success Thursday. I sure have missed counting my blessings. Seems like I don’t take the time to notice if I don’t write it down! I really plan to join in more often.

1. I went on Britta’s field trip!


Her class participated in a city-type activity where the kids all had jobs, got paid, ventured out to spend their money, etc. Britta was ecstatic she got the job she wanted—working in the baby nursery in the hospital! We weighed, measured, fed, bathed, and rocked baby dolls. She’s a natural!

2.  We survived Halloween.

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. I’m too cheap to buy costumes, so we are always scrounging around the house last-minute while I feel guilty for not splurging on actual costumes. Here we are (minus our oldest) before Trunk or Treat—

3.  On the actual evening of Halloween, Erica walked Maren around our subdivision while I handed out candy with the babies. Everyone else was at parties and friends’ houses. Drake and Blaise had already left with their daddy to go deer hunting the next morning. Here are my mighty hunters, who BOTH got a deer!


4.  I tried taking a picture of Brooks in the tub for his Grandma Cynti. (She has pictures of all her grand angels in adorable bathtub poses—well, except Brooks!) Unfortunately, my tub needed scrubbed something awful, so I will have to do a retake. At least I actually ended up cleaning the bathroom!


5.  My oldest daughter Erica was super amazing in her horse show. She makes me so proud!

6.  Last night, my husband had a meeting, and I got stuck taking 8 kids to the school skating party. The two babies were a hot mess to chase around, but we survived!

I joked to my husband that after the sweat I worked up at the skating party, surely I skated right past purgatory! 😉

Super blessed, super busy. That’s pretty much my week in a nutshell! What were your blessings for the week? I would LOVE to hear them!

God bless, and maybe, possibly, hopefully, surely, I will make it again next week to Small Success Thursday!

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