National Hermit Day—Care to Celebrate?

Apparently, National Hermit Day is today, October 29th. Who knew?

When Eli over at Coach Daddy proposed that we celebrate the holiday together, how could I say no?

Eli does this cool thing where once a month he invites other blogger friends to answer a question in just six words. How would I celebrate National Hermit Day? Only 6 words?

My first thought:Β  Who freaking stole all my kids?

For those that don’t know, I have 9 beautiful, crazy, silly, demanding kids. Our oldest is 15 1/2, and our youngest is 13 months old. (Yes, I know what causes it, we really don’t need a TV in our bedroom, and I definitely have my hands and heart full.) Here is a brief summary of the last 48 hours of my life—

Took oldest to a horse show, arranged transportation for several others to soccer and volleyball, sent hubby on his merry way with 4 kids for Nutcracker and a football game, fell asleep trying to say the rosary, watched a soccer game, went to 7:00 a.m. mass, did 5 loads of laundry, took a kid to the ER with an eye injury from fighting with her brother, packed 6 lunches (gluten-free), took my oldest to get her braces off, played in the van wanted to poke my eyeballs out with 3 little ones waiting at the orthodontist, drove through Wendy’s, drove my oldest back to school, finished a load of cloth diapers, went grocery shopping, and ate several handfuls of chocolate chips. In addition, I made bacon and pancakes with a 1-year-old glued to my legs, peed on my 2-year-old’s head (that’s a new one), and pretended they all brushed their teeth and put on deodorant. Right now I am attempting to shower before going on a field trip with my 3rd grader.

This National Hermit Day thing really spoke to my heart because I tell my family at least once a month that I finally know what I’m going to be when I grow up—a cloistered nun. My husband seems to think the Church won’t allow it….

I sneak outta the house for the occasional Bunco night or to meet friends for a movie and a drink, but to have an entire 24 hours to myself, holed up as a hermit? I really had to think hard about this.

My final answer, in six words:Β  Bon Jovi cranked, chocolate, wine, dancing.

Quite honestly, I would probably sleep 8 hours straight, then start the tipsy dancing. Halfway in, I would get lonely and call my husband to come join me. He would gladly celebrate National Hermit Day with me. I guess this would only happen if someone really did steal the kids because it’s super hard to find a babysitter.

Which leads me to my true, 100% for real answer: I wouldn’t want to be alone.

I love my life. I love people, I love my dysfunctional, loud, bickering kids. I especially love my husband, who makes me laugh harder, dream bigger, and yell louder than anyone else on Earth. I am thankful to God for every second I get in this crazy life!


How would you celebrate Hermit Day? I would love to hear! For inspiration, head over to check out Coach Daddy, where bloggers are uniting to dream of solitary bingeing on chocolate, wine, and sleep!

5 thoughts on “National Hermit Day—Care to Celebrate?

  1. 24 hours alone sounds gorgeous to this introvert! (I love my husband, and my tot – but I also really like some quiet time alone…) That sounds like uninterrupted knitting and reading and drinking-of-tea-that’s-still-hot and a nap that no one wakes me up from to me πŸ™‚


  2. I love your take on this, Jaime. He’s one lucky dude, you know.

    A great idea for Hermit Day – not leaving home, not having to do a thing but be together. Watch TV. Get your Bon Jovi on. No expectation of public consumption of you. I can get behind something like that!


    • Mike would tolerate Bon Jovi (he once kept me from throwing myself at Jon at a concert when he ran RIGHT past me) since I went to Pearl Jam with him the other day. Soaked up lots of hazy, smoky air up in the nosebleed seats. Yikes, I’m too old for that.

      Hope your Hermit Day was enjoyable. πŸ™‚ It was nice dreaming about it.

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