#7QT: Cotton Candy Clouds and Crazy Kids!

This morning I thought I would squeeze a bunch of random things into one 7 Quick Takes post over at Conversion Diary.  We link up to share and inspire each other!


Recently my 3rd grader Britta took a walk with the two babies and me while her oldest sister was at a horse lesson. Keep in mind that 2nd graders are sweet and snuggly, but 3rd graders get a little sassafras in their attitude.

The sky was beautiful that morning:


I exclaimed how beautiful the cotton candy clouds were, but Britta corrected me. The clouds looked like rabbit fur, not cotton candy!


Speaking of sassafras, Maren has been so much fun. I am enjoying my time with her kinda sorta homeschooling her for preschool. She is 4 1/2 and says the funniest things—

Mom, I’m going to go potty so I don’t get a blaster infestation (bladder infection)!

Lasterday (yesterday) you said we could make cookies.

I tuss (just) asked you and asked you but you never give me the right answer!!!

Maren has the slightly annoying habit of asking me what each and every warning sign says. Who knew there were warning signs on washers, dryers, baby gates, car seats, strollers, and shopping carts? Good grief.

Maren picks flowers for me every day, and I consider this one to be my flower from St. Therese after I prayed her novena—


I swear I am never buying toys again—


My 4th grader Blaise showed his rare temper while studying for a big states and capitals test. Wow, it took every ounce of patience (and ignoring) for me to handle it. We had chair shoving, dramatic pencil snapping over his knee, and yelling.

Blaise told me more than a few times he would thank me for the grade he got on his test. Way to get mad and transfer your anger and frustration onto your mom!

Well, he can thank me for teaching him how to study for a difficult test. By the way, he got an A+, the little stink.



Erica looked beautiful for her Homecoming dance. My heart was so happy seeing Kelsey help her fix her hair and makeup. I always wanted a sister, so I love seeing them so close.


Speaking of Erica, she keeps amazing me with her natural talent in art. She is messing around with watercolors, and shared these paintings with me—


Drake has been having a lot of fun playing on his boys’ volleyball team. This week we had a good time reading a book together about President Lincoln’s assassination. Here he is at a school skating party, striking a pose that looks just like his daddy.



Nutcracker rehearsals are in full swing for us. Mike and I are adults and Blaise and Joel are boys in the 1st Act Christmas party scene. Rehearsals are so much fun, and I enjoy hearing the entire family humming Nutcracker music.

Kelsey is a Snowflake and one of the Marzipan dancers this year! She loves it, and I snapped a few pictures during her costume fitting for Marzipan—


I feel like I am leaving Joel out. He’s silly and fun and loves kindergarten. He asks questions about Heaven and the saints every day trying to figure it all out. I wrote about how he brought me a little closer to Jesus yesterday by his goofiness.


Brooks turned one, walks around everywhere, and has learned to pick his nose! Yes, we are a multi-talented family!


Thank you for indulging my need to share all the pictures (and for the 9 Quick Takes instead of 7). Time is flying by so fast! I want it to stop, but it can’t. I hope that by writing all our memories down, I can remember them forever! God bless you all and have a wonderful weekend!

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