Hugs From Jesus

Well, it’s Saturday night, and I am savoring the silence after the little ones are asleep.  I love silence.  And sleeping children.

I am reading tomorrow’s mass readings, because with so many children I may not have a chance to listen much during mass.  That’s OK, though, this is the place my family is in right now.  I love every crazy moment.

As I mentally prepare myself for mass tomorrow, I think of my feisty 4-year-old Maren.  By Communion time, she is all out of patience and all full of wiggles.  To distract her, I point to Jesus on the cross above the altar and whisper, “Look at Jesus! He has His arms out to give you a big hug!”


As we walk to Communion, she proudly crosses her arms over her chest, waiting in line to get a hug from Jesus.  Never fear, her wiggles return once we get back to the pew, but at least for a short moment she is still!

I remember how sweet Maren was this summer as we played at the playground and rosary garden at our church.  She ran up to Mary, demanding I take a picture of Mary hugging her!  Not to be outdone, big brother Joel and big sister Britta had to get a hug, too.

If only we could all be like children, running for a hug from Mother Mary so that she can gently nudge us to Jesus.  Seems like I spend too much time hiding from Him in case He wants me to change!

Here’s to plenty of Jesus hugs and lots of quiet kids at mass tomorrow!  Have a blessed Sunday.


**Updated Monday morning: Well, mass was a bust. Mike ended up just leaving with the two babies.  It wasn’t our morning, but we did enjoy our hugs from Jesus while they lasted! To all of you with little ones braving mass, it will get better someday. I promise!


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