Keeping Mary’s Garden Clean

Today’s linkup with Conversion Diary for #7QT is all about how my kids taught me about Jesus this week.



Wednesday we went to Six Flags, and our little 4-year-old reminded us to come to Jesus like a little child.  My husband witnessed a God moment with her, reminding us that Jesus is everywhere.




Guess who had signed up 3 of the older kids to serve 8:00 a.m. mass the morning after roller coaster binging at Six Flags?  Yep, that would be me.

I couldn’t get Kelsey (the 13-year-old) out of bed.  I think she slept past lunch.  Drake and Blaise (11 and almost 10) managed to get out the door, but I wasn’t able to get myself ready along with the 5 other littler ones.  We played at the church playground instead of going to mass.  I felt a little guilty about that one.




Here they are, monkeying around while I tried to drink green tea to wake up:




We ended up chasing Heath into the Rosary Garden next to the playground.  The kids had a blast hopping on the Rosary stones!  We said a few Hail Mary’s and talked about how baby Jesus grew in Mother Mary’s belly just like baby Brooks had grown in mine.




I noticed that the Rosary Garden was in desperate need of weeding.  I’m trying to figure out how our family could squeeze regular weeding of Mary’s garden into our crazy schedule.





Since baby Brooks had fallen asleep, the rest of us started weeding a section of the garden.  As I would’ve guessed, Maren lasted the longest helping.  She was so happy, weeding Mother Mary’s garden.  Over and over she exclaimed, “We don’t want Mary’s garden to be yucky dirty with weeds!”

I told Maren the story of how she was named after the Blessed Mother.  After she was born at home in the middle of the night, Mommy and Daddy and all the big kids surrounded her on the bed.  We decided on Maren Eve.  Eve, because she was the first mother, the mother through whom sin entered the world.  Maren (a version of Mary) after Jesus’ mother, through whom sin was crushed and eternal life entered the world.


Most likely all Maren heard was “blah blah blah blah,” but I enjoyed telling her the story anyway!




Doesn’t it look like Mary is hugging my kids?  That thought makes me smile!  That’s what she does, mothering us all and nudging us to Jesus.


The kids seemed a little discouraged that we were only able to clear an 8 foot spot of Mary’s garden.  I told them Jesus was super happy that we took the time to pray and get rid of a few weeds.

I pondered all the weeds I have in my life to get rid of.  Slowly but surely, with my feet dragging, Jesus will pull them all out for me.  Whether I like it or not!



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