Jesus Is Everywhere, Even Six Flags

Yesterday I checked another item off my 40 by 40 bucket list:  Riding roller coasters.  And ride them I did.

Mike and I, along with our 7 oldest kids, made our annual trip to Six Flags.  We met up with Mike’s sister and husband, another sister-in-law, and 5 more cousins.  The more the merrier, right?  God bless Grandma Cynti for keeping the 2 babies at home for us.

Bless his heart, Mike knew I was squeezing 5 years of roller coaster envy into one visit—I am ALWAYS pregnant and can’t ride the roller coasters!  I rode as many as we could squeeze into the day, and I had so much fun!  I may be almost 40, but I can out-roller-coaster-ride the kids!

After our early supper, some of us kept riding roller coasters, while Mike took a few kids to the water park.  It was in the water park that God blessed Mike with a grace moment.

Trying to keep an eye on Joel and Maren (age 5 and 4) in a pool is no easy feat.  In a split second, Mike lost track of Maren, our feisty, independent, stubborn, fun little girl.  I’m sure his eyes quickly scanned the area for a little blondie in a pink swimsuit.  Concerned, but not panicked.

Mike found Maren wrapping her arms around a disabled boy.  His daddy’s arms had lovingly lifted him out of his wheelchair and carried him to enjoy the water park.  Maren hugged the little boy, kissed him on the cheek, and in typical Maren style, fired off a round of questions.

Mike was concerned that Maren was pestering them, but they were so glad to meet new friends.  The 10-year-old young man had been born with hydrocephalus and had very severe cerebral palsy.  He wasn’t able to speak or move, so Maren kept asking what his name was.

She, a tiny little 4-year-old, cared and loved this little boy.  She wasn’t afraid.  She didn’t shy away from talking to him or even hugging him because he was different.  She loved him like Jesus does.

“…do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my victorious right hand.”  Isaiah 40:10

“Whoever becomes humble like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 18:4

Whether riding roller coasters or embracing a child, I want to see Jesus just like my little Maren does.  Keep teaching me, Mare Mare.  Keep teaching us all.


Linked up with, where other mamas share their faith.  May God bless you with faith like a little child.

10 thoughts on “Jesus Is Everywhere, Even Six Flags

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    • We had so much fun. Maren is the sweetest, kindest, most curious, and spunky little girl. It will be exciting to see her all grown up someday. Mike and I laugh that hopefully she uses her feisty personality for good (not evil). 😉


  2. You know what I always love about your pictures. The smiles not on the faces of your family, but in their eyes! Y’all are just beautiful and sounds like you had a great time! What a beautiful story about Maren! What a lesson we could all learn from her as adults. Thanks for sharing and God Bless, SR


    • Tee hee, I only put the happy pictures on my blog. 😉 We had a really fun day together. It’s really neat seeing our kids and their different personalities. Can’t wait to see what surprises Maren has in store for us!


  3. That’s so sweet! I’ll bet the little boy’s family just loved the experience of a child being so loving to their son. (Tears in my eyes, picturing that moment.) What a gift!


    • Mike was visibly touched when he told me the story. I was blissfully screaming my head off riding roller coasters, but he got to enjoy a God moment with Maren. I was so glad, because I experience them all the time being with the kids 24/7. He usually gets to see them all tired and cranky in the evenings!


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