7 Quick Takes: My Up and Down Emotions

Having fun this morning with Friday Quick Takes hosted at Team Whitaker!  Jen from Conversion Diary is taking a much-needed vaca!

I would have to say this week has been crazy.  My emotions have been all over the place!  Happy, cracking up, going nuts, crying, back to super happy, then bittersweet tears again.  I am starting to think I’m a little nutsy cuckoo.




Have you heard the song “Turn Down for What?” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon?  Well, my family of 11 was dancing and jamming to this song in our big, white, 12 passenger van.  I began explaining what a woofer was—a big, loud speaker.  My husband and older daughters asked me why on earth I was explaining what a woofer was.  Duh, the words to the song were “Turn Down the Woof!!”

Hysterical laughter ensued.

I had totally screwed up the lyrics!   So, now, the standing family joke is to belt out “Turn Down the Woof!” when that song comes on the radio.  I am glad to provide entertainment to my family, even when it makes me look a little dorky.  Because I am in no way dorky.  I just seemed a little dorky in that moment.




Baby Brooks (and bigger baby Heath) had a nasty summer cold or some kind of disease that made them run a fever, cough their heads off, and be just plain crabby.  For close to a week.  Tandem nursing got a little challenging, and I was exhausted but glad that nursing could keep them hydrated and comforted.  This picture of my little crabby butt makes me smile—a tired, crabby smile, but a smile nonetheless.




After picking up my oldest daughter Erica from the work study program at her high school, I drove through Taco Bell to get her a quick lunch.  I was still tired from sick babies.  This cheerful worker cracked me up:


I asked her if her boss made her wear the goofy taco hat.  She said that she wanted to wear it.  Customers couldn’t be crabby and mean to a girl wearing such a crazy hat!  I laughed and told her she totally made my day.  It made me realize that God sends His love and laughter to us in many ways.  Even Taco Bell workers wearing a taco hat!

Whoever you are, may God bless you, crazy Taco Bell girl!  🙂




Pretty soon after that, I had one of those rare parenting moments where I wished I could just disappear.  Leave.  Sleep.  Go somewhere, anywhere else.

The kids were fighting and the babies were clawing and climbing all over me.  Daddy got involved, and the house was a crazy, crying, loud mess.  I laid on the couch with tears of failure streaming down my cheeks.

The hymn “On Eagles Wings” flashed through my crazy brain.

“And He will raise you up on eagles wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of His hand.”

I sarcastically told God that I would love to be flying like an eagle out of my house.  God has a sense of humor, you know.  However, I regained my peace knowing that I was resting safely in the palm of my Lord’s hand.



My kids hate me for making them do math problems during the summer!  I am tired of their Mine Craft obsession.  I also apologize to my neighbors for sending 8 kids outside to jump on the trampoline at 7:45 in the morning.  I’m not sorry enough to keep them inside, though.




My family went to the zoo over the weekend.  It was a perfect, beautiful day.  Trying to prove my coolness to my kids, I attempted a cool selfie with the elephants.


I guess I wasn’t cool enough to make up for the “Turn Down the Woof” incident because I was informed that I wasn’t cool enough for a selfie like that.


Kelsey showed me the best angle and lighting for a good selfie.  She snapped this before we left for dress rehearsal. Bowing down to the almighty selfie taker….I admit defeat.




Speaking of Kelsey, this is her dance recital weekend.  My heart is bursting with love, pride, happiness, and the bittersweet ache that she is growing up.


Kelsey sewed her own pointe shoe ribbons and costumes, gathered all her makeup and recital supplies.  She needed me for nothing but to drive her to dress rehearsal.  She nicely allowed me to lovingly tie the bow around the waist of her tutu.  This parenting gig and letting go is not easy.  And so the tears start back up.

Now for a shameless Mommy brag.  Check out a short clip from Kelsey’s pointe dress rehearsal.  She is the brunette on the very left of the screen. 🙂

This roller coaster of emotions is MY life.  My wonderful, blessed, life that is a precious gift from God.  I love it all!

Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.  1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes: My Up and Down Emotions

  1. I love your strength. Even in the roughest of moments you find a way to keep going and even have a conversation with God. Haha, the elephant selfie cracked me up!! Your daughter does have a good eye for one though! 🙂 Sweet, beautiful family who I so love to read about each week!


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