Small Success Thursday: Rambling On….

Joining in at for Small Success Thursday.  I’m behind, so I’m going to count my blessings and successes for the last two-ish weeks. 🙂


Over Memorial Day weekend, we visited my grandma and bunches of cousins, aunts, and uncles.  We had a blast!  It is customary in my family to make a day of it on Memorial Day, decorating the graves with beautiful flowers and remembering our ancestors many generations past.  I reminded my kiddos that this is the Communion of Saints—the connection between us and not just canonized saints but also our family and friends who “fought the good fight.” (2 Timothy 4:7)  We don’t have to wait till Memorial Day to remember our loved ones.  It’s always a great idea to pray, “Grandpa, we miss you.  Would you pray for me?”



Last night, I bought a new soup pot.  We made the switch to glass and cast iron pots and pans years ago, but our glass soup pot bit the dust when my husband dropped it.  Oops!  I decided on this inexpensive graniteware pot. ***Please, someone tell me if they think it might not be a healthy choice for our family.  We don’t use teflon, nonstick, or aluminum cookware.  It’s so hard to try to make healthy choices.  Seems like everything is toxic!  Unless you don’t eat or breathe….Then you’re just fine.



Baby Brooks is cutting about a zillion teeth at once.  And has a nasty virus with a fever and cough.  He’s still all smiles, though!



I invented a new word this morning:  Poop-ergency!  We use cloth diapers, so when Brooks had a surprise for me this morning, I yelled for help (the kids have to wet the cloth wipes with water for me).  Nothing like seeing a bunch of little ones scrambling to climb on the counter to play in the water wet some wipes for me.  My life revolves around poo, unfortunately, but don’t worry—I won’t post a pic of this!


Wishing you all a blessed week ahead.  I have put it on the calendar to make First Friday Adoration tomorrow.  I cannot wait for some peace and quiet with Jesus.  I will take some of the kids and hopefully trade-off with my husband so he can visit the Lord as well.

Any prayer requests?  I would LOVE to pray for you.  My littles keep me busy, and it seems I can’t do much for others, but I CAN pray.  Leave your prayer intentions in the comments, text me, Facebook me, email me, whatever is easiest!  Have a blessed week!


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