Minecraft Overload

Like most parents, I have a love-hate relationship with Minecraft.  I actually think it’s a fun, creative outlet for my kids.  It’s just an ongoing battle to limit their screen time.  Here are few signs that my kids are on Minecraft overload:


ME:  Joel, could you shut the baby gate for me?

JOEL:  Mom, this gate has a Potion of Shutting!




ME:  Hey, kids, are you hungry for lunch?

KIDS:  Sure, we could eat a raw chicken!  Or, do you have mushrooms?  We could make mushroom stew.  Or maybe we could craft some beetroot stew?

JOEL:  I wish I had a Potion of Root Beer!




ME:  Joel, do you need a band-aid?  (He is crying over a scraped knee.)

JOEL:  (tearfully) No, I need a Potion of Regeneration!  No, wait, a Potion of Healing is what I need!




ME:   (Upon hearing Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” on the radio, I quickly switch stations—no need to explain the “stranger in her bed” right now, thank you very much.)

KIDS:  (Breaking into the Minecraft version)  Mom, why did you turn the station?  Turn it back!!

You can YouTube the official version, but here is part of the chorus:

Don’t mine at night!

I know it’s me you’re gonna thank,

make a bed it’s not too late,

3 wool and 3 wooden planks,

Don’t mine at night!


P1100364 - Copy


KIDS:  I’m bored.

ME:  Go play outside!

JOEL:  I’m going to teleport to the zoo.  Wait, only Endermen can teleport.  Mom, can you drive us to the zoo?




KIDS:  I wish we had a crafting table.

ME:  (face palm) I think I would buy one if you would sit down and eat!!!



Do your kids love Minecraft as much as mine?  Thank goodness it’s summer.  I just sent my kids outside to play Minecraft on the trampoline!


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16 thoughts on “Minecraft Overload

  1. We haven’t gotten into mine craft, but we recently put our kids on a detox from the Xbox. It was getting out of control how much they wanted to play it! And, incidentally, I’ve signed them up for lots of activities this summer. 🙂 Thanks for linking up!


    • My kids tried teaching me how to play. I couldn’t even get my guy to move very far. I have no idea how they build all that stuff. Although, they did show me the crafting table and how you combine different things to build something. They are pretty creative! Good luck with your Minecrafters. 😉


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  4. I feel your pain. My daughter is *obsessed* with Minecraft. Half the time instead of a bedtime story, she wants to tell me a story about Minecraft. I am always hearing about the latest “mod” and what kind of house she is building. Her father, a total gamer, taught her how to play last year, back when she still called it “pretend Legos,” because he thought it was a good video game that they could play together. But now she’s even burned him out.

    I *have* promised her a Minecraft-themed birthday party, so I appreciate the pics of some cardboard ‘Steve’ heads. That’s going to be on my to-do list.


    • Pretend Legos. That cracked me up. The cardboard heads were a very last minute Halloween costume. The kids covered boxes with paper after we cut eye holes out. My oldest daughter is super artsy and made the diamond sword out of cardboard! Have fun at the party. 🙂


  5. Loved all the photos. Your family is precious and thanks so much for bringing them into the world. What a difference they will make in it one day, even if they want “raw chicken!” God Bless, SR


    • Thank you! I am so thankful that God changed my mind, opening our hearts to His will in terms of our fertility. I insisted I wanted two kids! And if only I could serve them raw chicken….I wouldn’t have to cook so much. 😉 God bless you as well.


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