7 Things I Just Don’t Get




The title says it all.  Linked up at Conversion Diary to share 7 random thoughts that popped into my head that I just don’t get!


Country songs with rapping.  Or at least weird attempts to rap.  Why?  Just why?


Songs by Pitbull, or the songs he joins in on.  I can be happily singing and dancing along, much to my kids’ dismay, when Pitbull jumps in.  Is he in every Top 40 song now?  Can’t stand his voice.  I don’t get the appeal!


Rude people, except for me being rude and complaining about #1 and #2. 😉  That was totally OK.


How on earth my 2-year-old’s chubby little hand fit into the craft cabinet to find the paint.  And markers.  Grrrrrrr.



How  I ever danced en pointe.  Ouch!  Now I live vicariously through my daughter.  I truly enjoy teaching my ?little? ballerina how to sew on her pointe shoe ribbons.  It’s one of those mom-daughter moments I will never forget.




How each baby we add to our family makes me love my husband more!  Love can’t be divided, only multiplied.  Ok, so maybe I do get this one.



God’s love for me.  Sometimes I just don’t get it.  I study Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, the lives of the Saints, and I pray.  It’s just so hard to understand.  I have blind faith, though, which is both a gift from God and a daily commitment on my part.  I look forward to spending the rest of my earthly life trying to figure it all out.


“So we are always courageous, although we know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord, for we walk by faith, not by sight.” 

2 Corinthians 5:6-7


This morning on Facebook, Scott Hahn (who I am FB friends with….or, well, at least I liked his FB page) posted this quote by Pope Francis:

“The cross is not an ornament….It is not a symbol that distinguishes us from others.  The cross is a mystery, the mystery of God who humbles himself…becomes nothing.”


So maybe because I don’t always “get it,” it means that I really do.  God’s love for me is a mystery.  A beautiful, wonderful, humbling, loving mystery that I will never fully understand.



6 thoughts on “7 Things I Just Don’t Get

  1. Hey Jaime! Headed over from Perfection Pending and I love this! Except I must admit I have a secret and inexplicable love for Pitbull… call me crazy =) So, I see that you’re a woman of faith, that’s awesome! I host an ongoing linkup for people of all faiths to share religious posts, do you have any interest in co-hosting? The commitment is really minimal and you’d be a great fit!


    • Brittany, I would love that! I am definitely a religious girl. Can’t imagine dealing with life without leaning on God! And, I can deal with your love of Pitbull. I actually can handle him, just not in every single song. 😉


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