Small Success Thursday: Me Versus the World

I love joining in at for the Small Success Thursday link up.  Other moms, just as busy as me, share their faith and successes of the week.  Helps put it all in perspective!

Here are a few blessings from my week:

1.  Me vs. Screen Door

download5The screen door won.  I walked right into it.  Wow, I am a clutz.  Twelve years of classical ballet training and no shred of gracefulness left!  🙂  We celebrated my nephew’s First Communion on Sunday and had a beautiful day for the 20+ cousins to run wild and play.  So beautiful that I didn’t notice the screen door as I walked outside to get a drink.


2.  Peony Bush vs. Maren


Thankfully, I noticed my 4-year-old picking “grapes” off my peony bush last week.  She had yanked off at least half the buds about to bloom!  I couldn’t get too frustrated, though—Mare Mare was happily “cooking” her “grapes” and entertained herself for hours.  I declare this one a tie:  Maren kept herself happy, and I still got to enjoy my flowers.

3.  Weeds vs. Iris

We used to have time to take care of our flowers!  So far, the iris are winning.  Give it a few more years, and the weeds might win.  The purple iris have a beautiful scent (most iris don’t really have a smell) and have been passed down several generations on my mom’s side of the family.  If I remember correctly, they were carried on a covered wagon journeying West!  Pretty cool.  Must save them from the weeds.

Prayers for all who read this to be filled with the love and peace that only Christ can give.  In the epic battle of Us vs. the World, Christ has already won!

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