Small Success Thursday: Two Week Edition!

It’s Thursday Friday!  I think I’ll go ahead and cram two weeks into one since I missed last week’s link up.  Join in at for Small Success Thursdays—or perhaps Fridays? 🙂


Our oldest daughter finished her painting for the high school art show just in time.  My cell phone picture doesn’t do her painting justice.  So. Proud.



My 2-year-old is driving me half crazy, but he’s so stinkin’ cute!  Here is an example of the adorable jibber jabbering that fills my days:


I actually went clothes shopping for myself!  A friend and I had a blast trying on tons of clothes.  I’m gonna admit it now, we tried on prom dresses just to be crazy.  I will spare you the details, but I’m sure I would’ve been stunning 20+ years ago in that strapless, sparkly blue number!  After trying on a mountain of clothes, I found a pair of cropped jeans, two tops, and two layering tanks to wear when I actually need to look somewhat put together.


My husband and I actually had a date night!!!  We met up with friends to see The Saturday Brothers perform.  It was so fun to just sit there, breathe, have a glass of wine, and listen to the bands play.  Mike and I joked, “So THIS is what people do who don’t have tons of babies at home!”


I had a wonderful Mother’s Day.  So thankful that my husband said yes to God’s will, letting become a mother so many times!  Mike and some of the kids planted wave petunias in our front garden.  It was sweaty work, but the flowers will be beautiful when they start cascading over the edge of the landscape wall!


The rest of my time has been crammed full of doctor’s appointments, concerts, overdue library books, and the kids’ activities.  Thankful for it all, but a nap sounds heavenly.  Praying you all have a blessed and restful week ahead!

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