Small Success Thursday: Night Night….No, Good Morning!

Good grief, once again I am writing this when I should be asleep!  I am a little keyed up from my day.  Linking up with multi-tasking moms just like myself at for Small Success Thursday.


Well, never mind, this post turned from a late Thursday to a Friday morning edition.  Poor baby Brooks has an earache, and he woke up only a few minutes after going to sleep last night.  I’m sure you moms understand that sad, pitiful cry of pain that babies have when they are hurting.  He quickly nursed back to sleep, and I not-so-peacefully rested the rest of the night.  Heath, who woke up coughing, snuggled between us at some point, and I somehow ended up upside down in the bed with Brooks beside me propped up on my arm to keep his ears from hurting.


I almost didn’t do this post, but I have grown to love looking back at my blessings for the week.  I can’t seem to notice them all until after the fact!


We had a gorgeous day this past Saturday for my daughter Britta’s First Communion.  I have bombarded the world with pictures, so I will spare you.  I can’t help but post a picture of Britta and Grandma—this is Grandma’s vintage First Communion dress!



That afternoon, we barbecued and let the cousins all run wild!  It was a beautiful, blessed day.


On Sunday, Erica competed in her second horse show.  She did 2 foot and cross rails in Hunter Jumping.  I could not be prouder.  She is an amazing young lady.  We call her the “Horse Whisperer.”  🙂



Bible time before bed, while not exactly happening *every* night, continues to be a huge blessing.  It’s hard to stick to.  Mike and I really want to just throw everyone in bed, watch a little show by ourselves, and SLEEP, but these kiddos of ours always amaze us with their hunger for hearing God’s word.

Drake wanted to read about when David killed Goliath with his slingshot and a rock.  He enjoyed explaining unfamiliar weapon and armor terms to me!  For example, the scimitar mentioned in 1 Samuel 17:45 is some sort of short sword.  Who knew?  Weapons aren’t my thing, and the Old Testament is still difficult for me to understand sometimes.

Britta chose from her children’s Bible a reading about Christ’s Resurrection.  Blaise and Kelsey chose Psalms.  They all rolled their eyes a little, but I could tell they secretly liked it when I sang “If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”

Time and time again, my children suck my selfishness right out of me (along with all my energy).  I will never grow tired of learning about the Lord with them.

Blessings to all for the upcoming week!  And sleep.  I wish you many hours of glorious, uninterrupted sleep. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Night Night….No, Good Morning!

  1. My absolute favorite line: “Time and time again, my children suck my selfishness right out of me (along with all my energy).” This is so true!! LOVE!!


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