Small Success Thursday: Peace and Mercy

Every week at CatholicMom, bloggers link up to share their big and small successes for the week.   It’s my favorite place to find inspiration from real moms, just like me!

Here we go, my accomplishments for the week:

I took 7 of my kids to Sunday mass by myself!

Actually, I took 7 kids and my oldest daughter’s friend.  That’s the only way we made it.  Two of my middles served mass, and my oldest daughter and her friend helped me juggle the 6-month-old and 23-month-old.  One trip to the bathroom (it’s an old church, so you have to walk them outside and behind the church), one stinky diaper change, and the baby nursed once, but I somehow managed to actually listen at mass!  The kids were on their best behavior, which I was not expecting.  They usually sense when I am outnumbered. 😉

Things were so peaceful that I actually felt God’s peace washing over me as I knelt after Communion.  I felt like it must be the tiniest glimpse of how wonderful it will be in Heaven.  Have you ever had that happen?  I could feel God’s love and mercy all around me and deep inside my heart.  It was absolutely amazing!

I restarted bedtime Bible time with the kids.

I’m not quite sure how we got off track and stopped this.  You would think having lots of kids would make me extremely routine and organized, but it doesn’t!

This time, instead of me planning ahead what Bible verses the kids would read, I let them pick.  It’s so much easier, and the kids love it because they decide.  Why didn’t I do this before?

So far this week, the kids have read about when Jesus washed the disciples feet, Jesus’ crucifixion, creation stories from Genesis, and when Jesus miraculously multiplied the loaves of bread.  We already decided tonight we would read about when Jesus walks on water.  Doesn’t this beautiful artwork by my son Blaise remind you of Jesus’ hand reaching out to save Peter from sinking?


This morning was craft time—excuse the bed head and mess:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now the baby’s down for a nap (which is why I got this post written), and the kids are outside jumping on the trampoline.  I am going to eat chocolate chips and clean my kitchen!

Have a blessed week.  I pray for God’s mercy and peace to wash over each of you!

14 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday: Peace and Mercy

  1. Wow, 7 kids (plus a friend) at Mass on your own. You are brave! Good for you. I love the Bible before bed idea. I need to work on maybe doing this with my kids.


    • She’ll figure it out eventually. We always get stared at simply because there are so many of us….Then I start freaking out and expecting the kids to act perfect. Not fair to them. No one is perfect, so I’m trying to get better at that. It’s just that everyone is staring!!!


      • So very cool, Jaime! I am always humbled by what I learn from other Catholic moms like you. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, and, yes, if you ever get a chance to see Scott and/or Kimberly, they are DYNAMITE (of course)! I totally understand what you are saying about your primary vocation with the kiddos; I have that conflict so often when I want to do something but really need to put our children’s needs first (especially something so major as 1st Communion). The nursing thing is a challenge, I know. I think something that has really helped me is that I recall how this time of mothering small children really is a gift of sacrifice and prayer to God, because we are being faithful to our vocation as mothers. That’s not to say we shouldn’t pursue or seek our personal spiritual formation, which we NEED, but that we are recognizing the beauty and gift of forming these little souls for God! 🙂


      • I needed that reminder today. Kinda a rough end to my week—more like a roller coaster! We’ll be just fine, it’s just life I guess. Thank you for inspiring me. 🙂


  2. Jaime, you have truly humbled me! I only have TWO kids, and I barely am able to handle them both without my hubby at Mass, but I have no reason to complain at all. I once heard Kimberly Hahn say, “When you have one child, you have enough grace for that one. When you have six children (or however many), you are given the grace for six children.” I guess I only have enough grace for two right now, though we are praying God will bless us with more! I also like your idea of Bible time @ bed; we just do a random story and then prayers. I recently gave our 3-year-old a framed photo of St. Therese, because she is so much like St. Therese. So I told Lissie to talk to St. Therese, since St. Therese is her friend.


    • You are so sweet! I had no idea the kids would be good at mass with just me—I think it was a freak thing and a huge blessing from God! I would love to hear Kimberly Hahn (or Scott) speak. Scott Hahn is coming to our area this month, but our daughter Britta has her First Communion that day. That along with the baby nursing so much make it impossible for us to go. Back to the Bible time at bed. I think it has really helped bedtime go better—the kids get to stall a little longer 🙂 and so reading the Bible with their parents sounds much better than going to bed, AND I am amazed at which stories they pick and their insight. Kids really “get it” so much more than I ever imagine. God bless. We love St. Therese also, my daughter Britta especially! See you around CatholicMom!


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