Small Success Thursday #4: Crazy Busy

I love linking up with CatholicMom for Small Success Thursdays.  I only seem to manage to actually link up every other week, though!

Right now, I am so busy I really can’t think straight.  Spring is full of winding up the school year, 4 in baseball, 1 gearing up for a dance recital, 1 getting ready for a spring musical and a horse show, band concerts, school concerts, and laundry, laundry, laundry….For me, late March all the way to mid-May is one long blur of fun but exhausting activities!

My 8th baby was born in early May of 2012.  To this day I have trouble remembering his actual birth date.  I was so busy with life that I literally walked around, had a few contractions, sat on a birthing ball, stood up, and out he fell!  Thank goodness my midwife was a good catcher!  I literally did not have time to labor and birth a baby! 🙂  That’s how busy this time of year is for me!

Here are a few of my accomplishments for the week:

1.  I turned 39.  Yikes.  Instead of freaking out, I made a 40 by 40 list of things I want to accomplish over the next year.  I am eternally grateful for crow’s feet and a few more gray hairs—it means God has blessed me with laughter and many years of happiness!

2.  My family finally got over the stomach flu.  Bleh.  So gross.  I thought a lot about chocolate just to get through it.

3.  This morning I turned on my “Jesus Songs” playlist while getting the kids ready for school.  We all were more at peace, especially compared to yesterday when “Welcome to the Jungle” was playing.  No, it wasn’t quieter or the slightest bit peaceful, but our hearts were at peace because we invited Jesus into the chaos.

I pray you have a blessed and peaceful week!




13 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday #4: Crazy Busy

    • That’s part of the reason that home births with a qualified, experienced midwife are so amazing. #8 burst into the world with a bang and hasn’t stopped since. 🙂


  1. Those are some pretty great successes. I like how “small success” Thursday can get you to look at the bright side. I could use a little of that today. All the kids are sick & miserable, and I’ve had a migraine all day. But….we’re alive!!!!


  2. What an incredible birth story! WOW!
    You are busy… a whirlwind of successes though. Love that.
    Our day is always better with Jesus.
    p.s. – YAY for getting rid of the flu!



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