My Diastasis Journey: Taking Care of ME

About 10 years ago, while pregnant with my 4th baby, a relative jokingly asked me when I was going to stop having babies.  He said it in a very loving way and only meant it to be funny—not all crabby and crotchety like some of the comments I have received.  I smiled, laughed, and replied, “I guess I’ll stop when my uterus falls out of me!”

Uterus ranks up there with vagina and menstruation as one of the top scary words to freak out a man/stun them into silence.  It worked. 😉

Well, quite honestly, after 9 babies and 11 pregnancies, it is now freaking ME out at the thought of everything falling out of me.  Bleh.  All those abdominal organs and stuff “down there” are so important.  So private.  So necessary!

After the birth of my 8th baby, I stumbled onto some information about diastasis recti at Fit2b Studio.  Basically, having a diastasis means you have weak abdominal muscles and a thinning out of the connective tissue that holds your abs together.  When the core is this weak, it splits apart, letting all the abdominal organs fall out.  The core muscles are connected to the pelvic floor muscles, so a weak core leads to pelvic organs falling down and out.

diastasisPINClick here to learn how to check for a diastasis.  It’s very simple to learn.  If you have a diastasis, doing crunches, sit ups, and planks—all those moves that Jillian Michaels and Crossfit workouts endorse—will make your abs worse.  Not only will your belly pooch out more, but your core and pelvic floor will get weaker.

After my 8th baby I did something called splinting, which is using an abdominal binder along with tummy safe workouts from Fit2b to heal my diastasis.  Not everyone needs to splint, but I did.  My diastasis at that time was huge—I literally could put two fists into the middle of my tummy and not feel muscle.  After splinting and 4 months of exercises, my diastasis was down to 2 cm around the belly button!  Then I got pregnant again….My diastasis was around 4 cm after the birth of baby #9, and 6 months later it is again at 2 cm.

I am sharing this information in case it helps someone else!  A weak core and pelvic floor isn’t supposed to happen, whether you are a mother of one or nine!


Click above to check out Fit2b.  Tummy safe workouts can be done from your smart phone, lap top, even your TV.  Each month, two workouts are completely free to try.  I challenge anyone with a weak core, mommy pooch, chronic low back pain, and “down there” pelvic issues to do one of the free workouts once a day for a month.   You will be amazed at how strong you feel after 10-20 minutes of tummy safe core strengthening.  It will change your life!


This post is also about accountability.  I hope to report back in 6-8 weeks that I am strong and my diastasis is closed.  God made me.  I am wonderful, and I deserve to take 15 minutes out of my day to think about myself.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  Psalm 139:14

4/16/14—Edited to add:  I did it!  I closed my diastasis!  Read more about it here—My Diastasis Journey:  I Did It!

6 thoughts on “My Diastasis Journey: Taking Care of ME

  1. Found this on the fit2b fan fb page. Praise the Lord for finding how to heal your tummy! I have five blessings and my diastasis was more than one fist in January. Now I am down to 2 fingers, and my youngest is already 2 years old.


    • That is amazing! I don’t know what I would’ve done had I not found how to heal my diastasis! It was so depressing to feel so weak. Everything we do—picking up the kids, kneeling to pray, getting groceries out of the trunk—takes core strength! I still need strengthening work, and I have recently slacked off, but I am getting myself back on track. Thank you so much for commenting. Here’s to us closing our diastasis!


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  5. I have six kids and I do an x factor DVD I hope I didn’t hurt my body I know I have a separation better change my workout thanks for posting.


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