Have YOU Ever Felt STUCK During Lent?


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As I prepare for Ash Wednesday quickly approaching, my mind is turning to Lent.  What am I going to give up?  What am I going to add extra?  How am I going to turn back to God, letting Him into my life more?


My sweet baby Brooks, who is 5 months old, rolled over and got himself stuck between a laundry basket—hey, at least it was clean laundry—and the diaper box.  He was literally stuck up against a wall.

It made me realize I am feeling kinda stuck, too.  My days are so busy!  I need about ten more hours in each day!  How on earth am I going to add in something more for Lent?  I don’t even have time to shower.

I prayed for the Holy Spirit to let me know how God wants me to approach Lent this year.  My answer was clear.

Yes, I will focus on prayer, especially with my family and husband.  However, I have a personal vice that has to go.  It’s between God and me alone, and this Lent I am giving Him my past failed attempts to change.  This Lent, God will change me because He is merciful and loves me more than I can imagine.

Instead of giving up chocolate, sugar, or sweets—which really isn’t about getting closer to God but is really more about shorts and swimsuits looming ahead— I’m going to let God change me.

Do you have something that God is nagging you about?  Something personal and maybe even embarrassing?  Has it been far too long since you have felt God’s healing grace from the Sacrament of Reconciliation?

Repent, therefore,  and be converted, that your sins may be wiped away, and that the Lord may grant you times of refreshment….  Acts 3:19

Lent isn’t about deserving God because we are good—this is an impossible task!  Lent is about receiving God’s merciful, healing love in our hearts!  God wants us to change our hearts just a little bit more, letting His love and peace into our lives.  He is waiting for you.  Don’t get stuck!

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2 thoughts on “Have YOU Ever Felt STUCK During Lent?

  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jaime. I often get stuck during Lent and then stay there. However, God is patient and works with us at a slower pace when that happens. We just need to try again.


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