102 Ways To Praise Your Child

In a world of email, Facebook, texting, and instant everything, I was delighted to receive a letter this week—yes, an actual “snail mail” letter—from my husband’s Godmother, Aunt Judy!  It made my day!

Aunt Judy sure is special to our family.  She remembers dates and details of things my poor brain forgets.  She also sews the most beautiful blankets and matching pillows for my kids.  They love them, as well as the picnic blanket that we still, some 13 years later (give or take–my memory stinks compared to hers), use for tea parties and picnics on the living room floor.

Aunt Judy sent me this because it made her think of us:


I would like to add a #102 to the list:  God loves  you!  Can you imagine all the bad things in the world that would stop if every child was loved by their parents and grew up knowing that God loved them?

Aunt Judy, your message was needed, welcomed, and taken to heart!  I was a much more patient Mommy this weekend:

  • Erica worked on writing essays for scholarship applications at her high school.  Well, along with daydreaming about horses and talking on the phone.  Instead of getting frustrated that she didn’t get done, I told her she did a great job on the 8 that she did finish.
  • Kelsey and Erica’s room is a mess, but I didn’t proclaim my frustration at their messiness.  Instead, we talked a little before they went to bed.  I listened instead of being a crab.
  • Drake helped me pick up the living room, vacuum, and basically anything I asked today.  Not one complaint ever (miracles DO happen).  I told him how much I appreciated his help.
  • Blaise was tired today and not much help.  Kinda crabby.  I thanked him for what he did do instead of complaining about what he didn’t do.  And he went to bed first. 😉
  • Britta was “helping” me with Brooks, but she tried pulling his arms out of socket.  I was gentle when I reminded her to hold him differently, and I thanked her for being such a good big sister.
  • Joel was fascinated today with spinning around in circles to get dizzy.  In the kitchen.  While I unloaded the dishwasher.  Of course, he bumped into a kitchen chair, but I didn’t say “I told you so.”  Instead, I told him he was an amazing spinner but he should practice in the living room to be safe.
  • Maren was helping her daddy make pancakes.  She grabbed an egg and smooshed it into pieces trying to crack it.  Instead of being frustrated with her, we told her what a great job she had done cracking an egg for the first time!  Then she helped pick egg shells out of the pancakes.

Two scripture verses pop into my mind:

“Do unto others whatever you would have them do to you….”  Matthew 7:12

Fathers, do not provoke your children, so they may not become discouraged. Colossians 3:21

I desperately needed the reminder to build up my children instead of subtly tearing them down.  Thanks for the kick in the pants, Aunt Judy!

How will you praise your children today?

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