Small Success Thursday#1—I admitted I am overwhelmed!


Linking up with CatholicMom on Small Success Thursday!

This past week, I felt totally overwhelmed.  There, I said it.

Admitting I am overwhelmed is my small success for the week.  Actually, it’s probably a gigantic success.  I hate asking for help.  I hate anyone even thinking I might need help.

Sweet baby Brooks (4 months) and big baby Heath (20 months) are nursing all the time, my hormones are out of whack, I really need sleep, and no one has clean socks because I forgot to get the cloth diapers out of the dryer.  With 9 kids, that’s a lot of baskets of dirty clothes to rummage through, looking for dirty socks that have the appearance of being clean.

I did something new a few days ago!  I asked my guardian angel to help me.   I immediately felt warmth wash all over me, and I’m pretty sure it was the Holy Spirit!  My angel and I came up with a plan, and here it is:

1.  I made a doctor’s appointment.

The only other time I have felt this way was after my 5th baby was born.  By 6 months postpartum, I had slipped into a fog.  It was so strange, it happened so slowly I didn’t see it coming!  I saw my chiropractor this week, who had helped me out after baby #5.

I had a super awesome chiropractic adjustment, acupuncture to balance me out, and a few new supplements (B complex, calcium/magnesium, and a supplement to balance out my hormones and thyroid).  This was in addition to my fish oil, probiotic, and vitamin D I had been taking.  My hormones were out of whack, and my body was very depleted in B vitamins, especially B12 and folic acid, after having babies #8 and #9 only 16 months apart.  Within a couple days, I felt a gazillion times better.  I have much more energy, and the fog has lifted.

Please don’t think I am making light of postpartum depression.  I am grateful to have such wonderful nutritional support, but I will keep a close eye on myself to make sure I stay on the right track.  No worries.

2.  I will start my day off right with daily scripture readings from mass.

I am trying to walk on water but I am sinking.  I will be like Peter, crying out “Lord, save me!” as I sink, and I know Jesus will reach out his hand and help me!  However, it’s hard for Jesus to do this for me every morning when all I do is stumble around my kitchen eating chocolate chips, letting Facebook suck me in.

3.  Speaking of chocolate chips, I will eat a healthy breakfast.

Eggs and toast, an apple and almond butter.  No chocolate chips, at least until later!

4.  I will get dressed.

Sounds simple, but with 4 little ones still at home after getting the older 5 off to school, it’s hard.  No matter what, I am going to get dressed, fix my hair, wash my face, and brush my teeth.  Dishes, laundry, and Facebook can wait; nursing babies can’t.

5.  I will exercise just a little bit.

Even if all I can manage is playing Just Dance on the Wii with my little ones, I will move.  Maybe I can do squats or leg lifts while I empty the dishwasher.  I can even strike a Jesus pose (arms out on the cross) to stretch out my tired baby-carrying muscles, thanking Jesus at the same time!

6.  I’m going to keep counting my blessings, all 10 of them!


4 thoughts on “Small Success Thursday#1—I admitted I am overwhelmed!

  1. Excellent! I’m glad you are going to take care of yourself and your postpartum needs. It’s definitely an Oxygen Mask Moment for you and will be very helpful to your family. I’ll pray that all is well!


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