Meet Jaime

When I used to hear scripture about “bearing fruit” I would laugh. I thought of those poor, pregnant, barefoot, Catholic women bearing lots of fruit (kids), and I giggled to myself that I would NEVER become one of “them.” Fast forward 18 years later, and I am the proud, stay-at-home, “fruitful” Catholic mommy to 9 children, one on the way, and 2 playing in Heaven with Jesus.

This is my creative outlet, a place of my own where I can share the Holy Spirit in my life—whether in a quiet whisper or a big smack upside the head. I hope to share my story in healing children from autism (here and here) and life with 9 kids, but most importantly how God reveals Himself to me through it all. Some may call me “fruitful” while others may call me “fruity.” Welcome to my crazy, blessed life!

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