24 Years of Laughter


On February 24, 1990, I was a freshman in high school sitting by my friends at lunch.  Mike sat down by me, slipped his hand on top of mine, and asked, “Will you go with me?”  Pretty sure I laughed when I said yes.

This was two days after his church’s youth dance.  Mike was nice enough to give his little sister DeAnna (my best friend) and me a ride to the dance.  He hoped Kelly would be there.  I hoped Adrian would be there.

As fate would have it, neither Kelly nor Adrian showed up.  Mike, in his acid washed jeans and mullet curls, decided to ask me, in my envelope waist jeans and sky high perm, to dance.  He had the goofiest grin on his face, and his hand “accidentally” touched the skin on my back while we slow danced.  In his defense, I had on a cropped sweatshirt.  What did I do?  Laugh.

Laughter filled the car as his older brother drove us home.  Tony thought it was funny to slam on the brakes to the beat of him singing Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” while Mike and I sat in the back seat.  Mike put his hand on my knee, and all I could do was laugh.  Pretty sure De was laughing in the front seat.

When Mike tried to kiss me at my locker, I turned my head and nervously laughed.  My dad was a high school math teacher, for crying out loud!  No PDA in the halls for me!

Five years later, we were engaged and at a weekend marriage class that was required by the Church.  Several couples gathered in a circle, explaining why they were getting married.  Many gave long, complicated, deep explanations.  I had nothing profound to say except that Mike made me laugh.  Later in the day, Mike sneezed so hard he farted, and no one else laughed but us.  We stifled our laughs until we had tears in our eyes.  Pretty sure that the whole group thought we were headed for divorce.


Our marriage has had its share of joyful and sorrowful times, but through it all I thank God for the laughter.

Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue was rejoicing….The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad indeed.  Psalm 126:2


3 thoughts on “24 Years of Laughter

  1. I have heard hat laughter is the key. In my now-annulled marriage, it was missing. Not so with my Sweetie! (her annulment is in progress) Either way it turns, we’ll work through life together, follow all of the Commandments.. and laugh. 🙂

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